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Bellridge Capital is a privately held investment firm that specializes in providing growth and development capital to emerging small and mid cap public and private companies.

Bellridge Capital is a comprehensive and globally oriented investment firm with multiple investment strategies employed on a daily basis involving different sectors. The strategies that are employed use various investment timelines.

We employ both long-term and short-term investment strategies in order to take advantage of emerging market developments. The founder of Bellridge Capital, Robert Klimov, has extensive experience in the financial sector. Bellridge Capital reflects the philosophy of Robert.

Bellridge Capital is not about hierarchy. We treat investors and clients as though they are an integral part of our team. Bellridge Capital’s objectives are never in competition with our clients. Bellridge’s and Robert’s investment vision does not revolve around other investment gurus or fleeting trends.

Whenever an investment decision is made at Bellridge, the decision originates from many hours of authentic research into market data and market trends. Bellridge examines second-by-second data and contacts critical decision makers such as CEOs, embassies, law firms, investor relation firms and cybersecurity firms to develop the best investment methods possible through the use of technology and contacts. Merely following the market is not enough for Bellridge. Bellridge yearns to act on market developments before they develop. Ultimately, and ideally to predict the unforeseen.

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Our firm is about supporting long-term business relationships. Our success stems from our reputation. Our reputation is defined by the ability to handle our clients’ needs with the utmost care regardless of the size of the need. Bellridge is all about serving our clients while providing the global expertise that will take your firm to the next level. We never superimpose our needs over the client’s needs. Clients are our business partners and Bellridge Capital is relentlessly client-centric.


We are industry agnostic. Firms that provide an intriguing investment opportunity will spark our interest, regardless of the sector.


Our goals are defined by the goals of our business partners. Our firm is calibrated to serve our clients and to provide the expertise and capital they require and deserve.

Our Clients

Investing Today in Tomorrow’s Future

Our Investment philosophy

We believe in continuously investing in our business partners, to guarantee the best possible outcomes. Our innovative approach is results-driven but risk-conscious. We always consider risks and returns in tandem in order to make smart investment decisions.

What sets us apart

Bellridge Capital contributes substantial and comprehensive experience and resources in order to help management teams reach their potential. We have developed in-depth knowledge and experience across four different sectors: energy, mining, healthcare, and technology, with North America, Europe, and Australia being our primary areas of business. We like to be diversified and are always open to new market opportunities.

Bellridge Capital wants to enhance your business. We do this by focusing on the firms’ core strengths and leveraging those strengths. Our technical experts work in partnership with several law firms, investor relation firms and cyber-security firms to improve the client’s financial position. We can deploy capital to enhance research and development activities, assist with operational expansion, the recapitalization of outstanding debt and fund extensive PR campaigns. All of these services are offered at a very competitive cost, individually and as a bundle.

We are an international organization, but we work as a single cohesive team. We utilize a network of professionals across the globe to execute trades and maximize investment potentials.

Our priority is a healthy relationship with management from the early stages of investment so that our expertise is put to the best use for the client. By utilizing our financial and global resources and knowledge, we are able to best equip the business with the resources necessary to perform optimally.

Meet our team

Ryan Sharp -Due Diligence Officer

As Due Diligence Officer at Bellridge Capital, Ryan conducts market research and company analysis. He has worked in the financial services industry since 2015 and was involved in raising capital for a business through a government grant program prior to joining Bellridge. In 2012 he graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a focus in economics and politics, in 2014 from Durham College with a specialization in human resources management, and in 2016 from Edinburgh University with a focus in UK and Scots law. He has also studied at Windsor and Sydney University at the graduate level and has taken courses in public administration in 2017 at the University of Ottawa. Since joining the Bellridge team, Ryan has researched, analyzed, and advised on deals in biotech, mining and exploration, technology, and energy. He has extensive expertise in equity-based financing including convertible debt financing, PIPE deals, and secondary offerings.

Jeff Dorazio -VP of Business Development

As VP of Business Development Jeff is responsible for establishing new clients and building ongoing business relationships. Jeff is responsible for introducing structured financial products and developing originating deals which provide capital to companies across a wide variety of industries including biotech, mining, and technology. Majoring in business administration with an additional focus on print journalism, Jeff began his career with a solid foundation in sales and account management – both outside/B2B sales, and inside sales, with a focus on fundraising and the non-profit sector. This allowed him to advance into business macro-management which involved enhancing company revenues through the reorganization of staff roles, overseeing departmental operations and the hiring, training and retraining of full-time office staff. These diverse professional experiences have assisted him greatly in his current role as VP of Business Development at Bellridge Capital.

Robert Klimov CIM -Managing Partner

Robert Klimov, CIM, is the founder and managing partner of Bellridge Capital, LP. Prior to establishing Bellridge, Robert was a senior WTI crude oil trader at Cedarcroft Capital LLC where he managed volatility arbitrage activities. He began his financial career with CIBC Capital Markets where he held various roles of increasing responsibilities. Soon after joining CIBC he was promoted to the bank’s equity trading desk. Robert holds the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation. Robert believes that investment strategy formulation is a continuous and relentlessness process that is always reflective of new business paradigms. He encourages round-table discussions and the brainstorming of new ways of thinking with all of his colleagues in order to remain innovative. Human capital is extremely important to Robert and is a critical element in his decision-making processes.

Bellridge Briefings

27/10/2017 – Bellridge spoke to Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, spokesperson stated that tar sands production is likely to remain stable in the near term and demand for Canadian oil was unaffected by U.S. hurricane season, increased Iraqi exports to the U.S., and the OPEC-Putin production cap agreement.

27/10/2017 – Bellridge spoke to U.S. embassy in Venezuela, current socio-economic situation remains stable according to spokesperson

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